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I want to emphasize that this Gua Sha is being delivered in 5$ for the minimum purchase of $35, since it did not pass my quality control standard ( they are a bit thin) hurry up! its only 25 units



for your 13$ discount


A breath of calmness in your busy life. A daily ritual, an act of self-care. Gua sha has been practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

This Gua Sha adds another layer of pampering to your skincare routine. Made with green jade natural stone, its cooling stone design effortlessly glides over every contour of the face. This provides a light massage to relieve tension on your facial muscles, encourage blood flow, and smoothen out fine lines. Pro tip: pop it in the freezer and hold the stone against tired eye bags to remove puffiness!. It is known as the stone of eternal youth.



1. Relieves facial tension.

2. Enhances skin elasticity tightening and toning the skin .

3. Discourages the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .

4. Reduces puffiness, eye bags and dark circles around eyes .

5. Helps penetrate beauty products like face oils and oily serums deeper into the skin for better absorption.

6. Promotes blood circulation to the face for a natural healthy glow.


Skin typesGOOD FOR:- All skin types


How to use:

1. Start with a clean face and prep skin with an Anti-aging copaiba facial oil .

2. Keep the tool flat against the face and begin with the forehead. Scrape in an upwards motion from the eyebrows to the hairline.

3. Move to the cheeks and scrape in an outwards motion starting from the crease of the nose until the ear.

4. Move to the jawline and use the end of the gua sha tool with the two curves. Start from the chin and scrape until the ear. Gently massage the gua sha tool into the ear to release tension.

5. For the under-eye area, very gently scrape the gua sha tool from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the temple. Because the area is so sensitive, it is important to only apply light pressure.

Gua Sha Tool for only 5$

  • Specifications:
    WHAT TO EXPECT: Green jade Guasha tool in a reusable Peruvian lines drawstring bag.

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