Hair is exposed every day to a large number of factors that can weaken, dry, and cause damage that can be very visible. This linseed & avocado oil hair cream will provide you with the proper nutrition and care daily.These oils help nourishes, hydrates, and regenerates for beautiful and healthy hair.

This product is great for keeping your hair in place with a more natural matte look; more hydration and softness.

Linseed is a rich nutrient that can prevent the premature aging of your hair. In addition to being the major vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acids, linseed also has significant amounts of vitamins E and B. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant capable of reversing the damage caused by the environment and stimulates regeneration.Vitamin B is good for creating healthy skin and especially hair, which it strengthens, nourishes and leaves shiny.


This hair cream  is made with all natural ingredients.

*No parabens

*No Phthalates

*No Propylene Glycol

*No Mineral Oil

*No Sulfates

*No Animal Testing


How do I use this hair treatment?

This hair cream is very easy to use, after your bath or shower when the hair still wet, apply it of on half of your hair towards  to the tips massaging gently before brushing it, use it for 3 times in a row and you will see the difference, not no frizz, no more split ends,welcome healthy, nourished hair!

Weigth :8oz

Linseed +Horsetail plant Anti breaking & Nourishing Hair Cream

SKU: 00017
  • Wonder hair Anti-breakage hair cream  with Linseed & Horse tail plant, for her for him made with Destilled water, Linseed ,Avocado oil,Coconut oil,Keratin,Argan oil, VitE,Field horse tail plant, BT-50 Emulsifying wax,Caprylyl Glycol,lemon oil,fragrance,natural color.